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Meal Plan

It is amazing to eat 100% Guilt-free and feel 100% Healthy, 100% of the Time!! ~ Chelly
The Vegan Life allows for creativity on a whole new level.  I get to prepare meals that connect me to my childhood with a completely healthy twist.  Meals that are just as comforting and delicious, meals with a purpose and meals designed specifically for the health and wellbeing of every single cell in my body. Below you'll see 3 Breakfast, options, 6 Lunch ideas and 5 Dinner meals that make up 365 different combinations to choose from.  Meals can be simple, delicious and totally satisfying.  You will learn how just a few recipes can be your personal recipe arsenal for last minute meals like: quick healthy on-the-go meals, travel meals, healthy lunches at work and midnight snacks.
3 Breakfast Options
32-64 oz serving of Green Drink
Fruit bowl, homemade cereal or chia seed pudding
Bowl of raw vegan oatmeal
Honestly, it's not about the breakfast you eat but the fluids you drink.  I don't eat breakfast like most do.  I drink water to start my day and then my green drink!!  I never wake up hungry and I'm full of energy as well.  If you receive the nutrients your body needs you will have the energy you crave.  If you get the fiber your body wants, you will not go a minute hungry.  Learn more by working with your own Health Coach.
6 Lunch Ideas
Sexy Spinach Salad w/The Works
Wrap it Up & Go Sandwich
Zucchini Noodle Stir Fry 
Hummus & Crudite
Guacamole Tacos
Green Power Protein Smoothie
Now Lunch is the meal that makes or breaks your day. What you eat determines the outcome of the rest of your day.  Will you be energized and alert or sluggish and dragging the remainder of your day? What's the best time to eat? Is your food combined properly to optimize digestion and absorption? Where are you emotionally?  How do you feel before and after your meal?  These are the types of questions we tackle during personal coaching sessions.
5 Dinner Meals
Marinated Veg Stir Fry 
Stuffed Mushroom Sliders
Thai Coleslaw
Chinese Spiced Kale Salad
Rainbow Spinach Soup
Dinner needs to be filling, rewarding, satisfying and super tasty.  How do we accomplish this living The Vegan Life you ask?  Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!! The same way you must flavor meat to make it appealing, you must add flavor to your vegetables, herbs, nuts and grains to satisfy your palate. Eating healthy is easy and super delicious! You will knock your own pants off dancing in the Kitchen!
Fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, hummus, guacamole, raw vegetable or fruit juice
Healthy, unprocessed, all natural, real foods are great anytime snacks. I can snack all day and not gain any weight.  Why? It's what I'm snacking on that matters.  Learn how to snack smart with Chelly.
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