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Celebrating those who have transformed their lives with Chelly~ Holistic Health Coach, Chef, Nutrition & Wellness Expert.

I changed my diet and lifestyle in 2004, since then I've lost 47 lbs, have taken no medications, I never get sick, I have more energy then most teenagers and I've reversed the aging process. I only eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I know the power of food and how addictive it can be.  I also know the healing power God has provided in foods from the Garden.  Let me help you discover your true Health & Wellness! ~Chelly

Chelly, my Health Coach & daughter. I changed my diet and lifestyle with Chelly's advice and her 7 day hospital stay with me after colon surgery. I chose surgery but had I contacted Chelly I could have avoided surgery with diet and lifestyle changes.  My new motto, "Call Chelly first!"  As my personal care taker, she translated perfectly the doctors terminology to family and myself. Chelly helped me heal naturally after a Stage IV Colon Cancer Diagnosis! I did no Chemo Therapy and I'm happy to say I'm cancer free and back to my healthy self and busy lifestyle! Picture taken 1 week after surgery at a wedding ceremony.

/// Cheryl J, Michigan

Chelly has made my dinner meals for me for almost 3 years. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  I look to Chelly for my nutrients and minerals and to keep me Cancer Free.  Having Chelly as my personal Chef allows me to eat healthy and delicious every night.

/// Matthew J., Michigan

Chelly, my Health Coach for almost 14 years. I've invested in my Health and it's worth it.  I go to Chelly for nutrition, diet, weight-loss and meal planning support.  Chelly helps manage my High Blood Pressure with food instead of drugs, my head aches and extreme allergies and sinus issues have all improved.  I eat more greens because of Chelly!!!

/// Lisa H., Maryland

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